Vocal Coaching


Week 1

Warm up and Do vocal assessments with range, pitch, tone. Discuss warm ups that work best for each individual. Focus on importance of breathing and go over course expectations and outline.

TAKE AWAY: Listen to yoga breathing expert (will be sent by instructor), spend 10 min daily doing a breathing exercises. Be ready to discuss in next huddle.

Week 2

Warm up, Take deeper look at anatomy, terminology, and focus on resonance. Discuss where tension lies for each individual while vocalizing.

TAKE AWAY: Do daily resonance exercises sent by instructor. Be ready to discuss experience in next huddle.

Week 3

Warm up, Take a deeper look at articulation (Fricatives, Plosives, Nasals) spend remainder of time on the vocal fry.

TAKE AWAY: Work on articulation exercises daily and see the difference in muscle strength. While working on these exercises, note what “Fricatives, Plosives, or Nasals” are most difficult or your laziest areas. *fixing this small technical issue with the voice could be one of the largest breakthroughs to freedom in the voice. Don’t skim over this one.

Week 4

Warm up, Discuss the “Break” in the voice how to navigate through using the mixed voice.

TAKE AWAY: Do some research on youtube, internet, or vocal technique books of how people navigate the break and use the mixed voice. Come back to huddle with the most helpful or impactful information you found.

Week 5

Warm up, Take a deeper look at vowel substitution and how to use vowels to aid the voice

TAKE AWAY: Record yourself doing 3 vowel substitution sounds in 3 different keys. Listen back and post for class to hear before next huddle. Come ready to discuss break throughs.

Week 6

Warm up, mid course check in on any break through, growth, development, and revisit breathing habits. Remainder will be Q&A

TAKE AWAY: write out on paper or computer what vocal gains you have made thus far and desires or break through’s you still want to see. Post for group to read before next huddle

Week 7

Warm up, Ear training exercises and how to tighten pitch.

TAKE AWAY: use musictheory.net link sent by instructor to work on interval training and take a quiz to see how you do. Record yourself doing these exercises. Come ready to discuss results and experience.

Week 8

Warm up, Deep look at muscle memory and how it relates to breaking bad vocal habits and developing better vocal control.

TAKE AWAY: work on advanced coordination vocal exercises and come back ready to discuss experience

Week 9

Warm up, Deeper look at Vocal Health and discuss what it looks like for each individual

TAKE AWAY: Try a new discipline or eliminate something for a week and see what the results are for the body and voice. Come ready to discuss at next huddle

Week 10

Warm up, Perform a song for class demonstrating growth and taking a deeper look at what individual wants specific help on

Week 11

Warm up, Perform a song for class demonstrating growth and taking a deeper look at what individual wants specific help on

Week 12

Bring thoughts of biggest breakthrough of the course, game plan for moving forward.