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At 10,000 Fathers, we are seeing God raise up a generation of men and women who are gifted to lead worship, equipped to do it with theological soundness, convicted to grow in both their character and competency, all with the goal of making disciples.

We desire to empower leaders who, after completing their experience, return with competence and confidence to change their community’s definition and experience of worship. Through this, we believe we can impact the world.

We’re celebrating the end of another incredible year of ministry where we have seen God move in amazing ways. The 10,000 Fathers community continues to grow, now with nearly 300 leaders ministering in more than a dozen countries. As we write this letter, potential students from India, Africa, Indonesia, Sweden, and across the U.S. have applications pending for future classes. Our graduates serve in Australia, throughout Europe, and in South America. Plus, we have established 10,000 Fathers U.K., now in its second year, allowing more international students to attend without excessive travel costs.

The Holy Spirit is moving, and there is no question that these newly empowered leaders will change the face of worship in their cities and nations, as they are anointed by God! In addition to the impact these leaders have on their worship communities, we have seen story after story of God working in our students’ own personal and spiritual lives through the journey of healing and transformation they walk through with 10,000 Fathers. The bound have been set free, the barren have become fruitful, physical brokenness has been healed, and the abused have stepped boldly into their calling. Churches have been planted, families restored, and communities strengthened. This is about so much more than singing songs; it’s about lives being changed in ways that impact whole generations!

Over the last few years, we have been able to raise some support for scholarships, and we have a few monthly support partners, but until now we have not made our financial needs as a ministry known. Our key leaders and their families have carried most of the load, supplementing very small monthly stipends from the ministry with extensive travel to events and camps leading for honorariums and fees, resulting in stress on families and little margin for creativity and rest.

To healthily sustain the momentum we are experiencing as the ministry receives even more national and global visibility, we will need to build a solid base of support. Our Board has recommended that we implement a support raising program to ensure stability for the ministry.

Our desire is that our key leaders be freed from the constant travel requirements that currently provide income supplements so they can focus on the core mission of coaching, teaching, and equipping leaders. Many amazing opportunities are being presented that could allow the ministry to reach even more leaders in the U.S. and abroad. A base of partnership support will allow those opportunities to take shape.

So, we are asking for you to consider being part of this initiative. You are one of a hand-picked group of friends and family that our team considers our core base of support. Your influence in our lives through prayer, friendship, and mentoring have allowed this ministry to take shape. We hope you might consider coming alongside us with a financial contribution as we move ahead.

Our hope is that we might engage a group that we will call “Sustaining Partners.” These partners, which we ask to consider a regular monthly contribution to the ministry of $100, $250, $500, or whatever God leads you to commit, will truly be the foundation upon which we build 10,000 Fathers into a powerful training and equipping ministry for the next generation of worship leaders worldwide.

This base of support will allow us to provide additional scholarships to qualifying students, develop and implement programs for international students, develop venues for training, and eventually develop a more permanent training center that unlocks the current space restrictions of hosting students in leaders’ homes.

We have dedicated our lives to this work, and we’re praying that you might join with us. The joy of watching students move from song leaders to empowered ministers of worship is unexplainable.

Come along and be part of it! We'd be honored.

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