Matt Papa - His Mercy Is More


Aaron goes into the studio with Matt to talk about his brand new hymns record, out today, called “His Mercy is More.” In this episode we get to hear 3 of the tracks off the record, 2 of which were co-writes with Aaron (“Lord Have Mercy” and “Magnificent Marvelous”). Great content in here about confession, songwriting, knowing your audience, and patience in our craft.Background music by our brilliant alum, David Lunsford.

Won My War (A Conversation with Taylor Breen & Pete James)

Won My War_Won My War_1500.jpg

Today marks the release day for our newest single, “Won My War,” featuring Taylor Breen. Taylor (and Aaron Keyes) wrote this new song and in this episode we get to talk all about the songwriting process, the lyrical and musical composition, and get into a discussion with several great insights regarding songwriting with Pete James, our dear friend from 10,000 Fathers Europe School, and Aaron’s co-writer on “King Forevermore (God the Uncreated One)” and “Thank you for Fathering Me.”

Women in Worship - A conversation with Kirby, Taylor & Aaron


In this episode, Aaron sits down with worship pastors Taylor Breen & Kirby Kaple in Atlanta, Ga.

Taylor and Kirby both graduated from 10,000 Fathers and--the week of this recording--Kirby is celebrating a song she co-wrote ("Build my Life") that's just hit #1 on the Billboard charts. 

Taylor helps lead 10,000 Fathers as a core team member, teacher and coach.

Kirby is the worship pastor at Grace Midtown, and helps lead the international phenomenon known as Housefires, whose new album drops in July.