Back in 2006, we started this worship school in order to help train up (and  one day send out) worship pastors who could lead their churches faithfully with robust character and developed competency.

Since that time, we've helped build several bridges between great churches and great men and women from within our 10,000 Fathers family, and we're trying to increase our capacity to do still more.  We'd be delighted if God would align one of our men or women with one of your present needs.

With that being said, our primary focus is on developing and discipling worship leaders; we simply don’t have the time and resources to make the placement process a high priority at this point. However, we have a private page that is only available to our alumni, where we post job openings from churches who reach out to us. If one of our students shows interest in a job that is posted, we reach out to the church and make a connection.

If you would be like to have your church’s job opening on our private page, please fill out the form below.

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Lastly, we know there are recruiters and head-hunters who charge standard fees (around 35% of the 1st year salary) for standard placement services in church hiring today.  We as 10,000 Fathers are in the business of making disciples, not simply making connections between churches and strangers in whom we've made no investment.  We are deeply committed to our worship leaders, and we see them as spiritual sons and daughters.  Our commitment to them thus continues indefinitely, and we want to continue to coach them, train them, partner with and groom them far into the future, regardless of where they end up geographically. 

We've helped place several of our leaders in great churches, and there are many other prospective partnerships being formed even now.  We believe God is doing something great through 10,000 Fathers, and in order to sustain our organization we very much depend on scholarship funds and donations; we humbly ask any church who hires one of our leaders to give a ministry gift to allow us to further disciple more and more fathers (and mothers) of worship.  Of course we'd be happy for you to speak to the pastors of any of those churches to find about the kinds of worship pastors we've provided.  

Thank you for reaching out to us. We pray God will guide you in this process with wisdom and grace.