Music Coaching

We are excited to come alongside you in investing in the competencies of your teams this year. We are offering vocal, guitar, and Ableton coaching to our alumni & their teams. We’ve designed this to work in a cohort model (like huddles) with between 3-6 students per class that meets for one hour on a weekly basis. We have three financial “options” for classes, varying based on amount of church support. These options are detailed below.

We hope your church will see this as an opportunity to invest in (and express appreciation to) the band members who serve in your ministry. In the event that there is no church support, individuals can still join one of our classes for $35 per week.

All classes begin when spots are filled. Once you register an instructor will contact you within 24 hours.


Vocal Coaching

Guitar Coaching

Ableton Live Coaching

Bass Guitar Coaching

Piano & Sound Design

Payment Options

Option 1: Church Pays in Full . . .

Church covers cost of classes (3 months weekly coaching) for all students. Total amount is adjusted for number of students.

  • 1 student: $480
  • 2 students: $960
  • 3 students: $1,540
  • 4 students: $1,720
  • 5 students: $2,100
  • 6 students: $2,480

Option 2: Church Pays Partial . . .

Church subsidizes student cost, but each student pays small weekly fee. Huddle size is capped at 6 students. If you have more than 6 students from one church, they will be split between huddles.

  • 1 student:
    Church pays: $300
    Student pays: $15/wk ($180 total)
  • 2 students:
    Church pays: $600
    Student pays: $15/wk ($180 total)
  • 3 students:
    Church pays: $1,000
    Student pays: $15/wk ($180 total)
  • 4 students:
    Church pays: $1,000
    Student pays: $15/wk ($180 total)
  • 5 students:
    Church pays: $1,200
    Student pays: $15/wk ($180 total)
  • 6 students:
    Church pays: $1,400
    Student pays: $15/wk ($180 total)

Option 3: Students Pay in Full . . .

No church subsidy - Student pays total of $420 ($35/wk).



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