The Huddle Process

Have you ever attended a great event, heard great speakers, and received loads of information only to have forgotten most of it a few weeks later? Exactly. Despite popular opinion, growth is not an event. We can find lots of information and inspiration at an event, but if we want true transformation, we must commit to faithfully implementing the information we have received. If we do the little things well, for a long time, we will get lasting results. Huddle is a crucial part of growth and development and is required for all 10KF students.

What is it?
Huddle is a weekly online video call where you will be with your coach and 5-7 students from your intensive, working through a 6 month curriculum.

If you are faithful to the process, you will be invited to come back to a second intensive, followed by 6 more months of huddle, and then a third intensive, once again, followed by 6 months of huddle.

What platform do you use?
Depending on what time your huddle is, it will either be Google Hangouts, or Zoom. Both are free and only require a reliable internet connection.

Is it every week?
Yes. Huddle is a big commitment. We get that. We have also seen the fruit of faithfully meeting with the same group of people every week for 18 months. It’s life changing.

Is it a lecture?
No. We firmly believe we do not need more lectures in our lives. It is a time for you to process, with others, how to implement the content we’re learning into your leadership context. We expect you to have completed the reading assignments, given thought to how it best applies to your current season of life and leadership, and share that with the group. In huddle you will not feel like a student listening to a teacher, but part of a community, on a journey of growth and transformation together.

How long are the calls?
We shoot for an hour, but depending on group size and the variation in content from week to week, it is helpful to allow 75 minutes.

When are the calls?
Most huddles are during working hours. 9am - 5pm EST. After your intensive, your coach will send you a link to a sign up sheet where you can submit all your available times. As you can imagine, getting 5-7 people’s schedule to line up, across multiple time zones, and sometimes different continents can be tricky. However, as stated before, this is an essential part of the process and worth the sacrifice.

I have a full time job (that’s not worship leading); I can’t do 9-5.
We have had many part time worship leaders who have regular 9-5s that have done huddle on their lunch break. We have Europeans who do evening huddles and a few faithful Australians who wake at 5am for their huddle!

Wow, that’s a big commitment!
Yes, and Jesus said we should consider the cost before we commit to a process. We’re not saying it will be easy. Events are easy. Walking an 18 month journey is a challenging commitment. But, we are saying it will bring more than information and inspiration; it will bring transformation. It’s worth it.