Q: Do I have to live in ATL or move there for the “onsite” school?

A: No. Our onsite school kicks off with a 5 day intensive in Atlanta followed by six months of online coaching called “huddle”. Huddle is required for all students and more info can be found here.

[Huddle FAQ]

If you are faithful to the process, you will be invited back to Track 2, which is another 5 day intensive in Atlanta, followed by 6 months of online coaching. If you are faithful to that process, you will be invited to Track 3, which is the final intensive in Atlanta, followed by 6 more months of online coaching. That’s 18 months total.


Q: How many people are in each class?

A: Classes range in size, but never more than 25 people. Your coaching huddle will be no more than 5-7 people. We intentionally keep classes small so that each student gets as much time as possible with our team. 

Q: How much does the School cost?

A: We now have three options:

  1. Atlanta, GA is $3000/track. More details >>>

  2. Online Experience is $1800/track. More details >>>

  3. Europe School / cost may vary More details >>>

Q: What does the tuition cover?

A:  Atlanta Onsite - Tuition covers food, lodging, transportation from and to the airport, materials for the five day intensive, plus six months of weekly online coaching from our well trained worship leaders. Each additional Track has a separate tuition.

Europe School - Tuition covers lodging, some meals, materials for the intensive, and six months of online coaching. Each student must provide their own transportation to the venue. Each additional Track has a separate tuition.

Online School - Tuition covers access to our professionally recorded video capture of all the teachings, and six months of weekly online coaching. Required reading material is not included in the Online tuition.

Q: Where will I be staying while I'm there?



A: Atlanta Onsite - We value community too much to put you in a hotel. You'll be in one of our Team Leader's homes. You'll be well taken care of; hospitality is part of our DNA. Most of our sessions will be done in the comfort of our Team's homes. We all spend enough time in our churches hearing communicators on platforms. There will be no platforms and no production. You'll be invited into the conversation.

Europe School - You'll be staying with our team in two large homes in Brighton England. The location may change for the 2018 school.

Q: I can't make it to any of the intensives. Can I still participate in the School?

A: Yes! We have officially launched our Online Experience, which captures all of the teaching, and is coupled with 18 months of weekly coaching via video chat. There are plenty of places you can go online to find information about worship leading.

We are not that.

This is not about information—this is about discipleship. Please be careful not to confuse the two. The cost is greater, the demand is deeper, and the rewards are infinitely richer.

Q: I have unique dietary requirements, will there be food options for me?

A: We do our best to provide a variety of options, including gluten free. However, depending on your particular needs, it may be helpful to bring supplemental snacks. We always get rave reviews about the food!

Q: Do you offer scholarships?

A: We have a limited amount of scholarship available for each class. You can find our scholarship application [here]. 

Q: Can I give a donation to support this ministry?

A: Yes! We are non profit ministry 501(c)3. We very much depend on support; from operations to scholarships, we only survive by the sacrificial generosity of our leadership team and others. All gifts are tax-deductible.  

If you'd like to support us, simply send your support to 10,000 Fathers, 1977 Miramar Way, Snellville GA 30078. We'll get you a tax receipt at the end of the month!

Q: The intensives sound great, but I’m not sure I can do 6 months of weekly coaching.

A: We really believe strongly in the coaching huddle process. This is where true transformation happens. We know it is a big commitment, but it produces big results. Unfortunately, if you can not commit to the huddle process, we can not discount your tuition nor allow you to attend Tracks 2 or 3.


Q: I don't play an instrument. Can I still participate in the School?

A: Yes. Several of the best worship leaders & songwriters that have come through our school don't have proficiency on an instrument. It's not a deal breaker, but we'll want to work aggressively on developing your competency in this area.

If you have questions that we didn't answer here, shoot us an email! We'd love to hear from you.