The Praise of Nations


In 2019, our team had the opportunity to connect with and coach a handful of workers who live throughout the Middle East with a heart to share the Good News there. Below is a testimony from one of these students about her time with 10,000 Fathers and how it equipped her to write and lead songs that minister to her specific context.

Have you ever worshipped in a foreign country, language, or cultural setting? It’s different! If you’ve ever been to a foreign place, you know that you can't even plug your simple electrical devices into power without an adapter! Similarly, before 10,000 Fathers came into my life, I was relying on the only music I had (traditional Western Christian music) to meet the worship needs of the foreign country I live in, and it was lacking power.

For security reasons, I can’t say my name, or where I live, or who I minister to - but that alone should tell you that I have unique needs as a worship leader in my country. One of the biggest needs I have is for worship songs that fit my context. We are praying over spiritual strongholds, oppression, injustice, and darkness that are different than most Westerners experience. That means that worship songs written for the West just don’t have the same power here. So we have begun writing our own worship anthems, thanks to the coaching I received from 10,000 Fathers.

The Worship School specifically tailored their curriculum to coach a group of us who are serving God’s Kingdom advancement in the Middle East. They equipped us in songwriting, and now a group of us are writing songs that literally shape our nations.

Last summer, with the help of 10,000 Fathers, we wrote a song called “Open the Floodgates,” which sings over cities by name and begs the Lord to flood the drought-ridden Middle East with His presence and with literal rain. Within months, the Middle East received more rainfall than ever recorded!

The Lord also moved just as mightily with “spiritual flooding” and we’ve had a new influx of amazing stories of lives being transformed. We know from first-hand experience that worship changes the atmospheres we inhabit. We are both excited and now empowered to write fresh worship for our region, in order to see the last frontiers of Earth reached with Kingdom power.

This year, our group felt inspired to write worship songs that we can sing during Ramadan (because obviously there aren’t any we know of!). Ramadan is a month of fasting for our Muslim friends. During this month, they fast from water and food during daylight hours, and they pray increasingly, sometimes all through the night. It’s a very spiritual month for them. We have also found the month of Ramadan to be a spiritually ripe time to share the truth of Jesus. We spend extra time in our prayer rooms, fasting and praying for our neighbors to meet Jesus. (Again, unique needs for worship songs in these prayer times!)

We collectively wrote five new songs specifically for worship during Ramadan. One of them, called “Thirsty Soul,” tells the true story of a Muslim man who came to faith during this season. This song is a celebration of his testimony and a creative act that invites more testimonies of the same nature.

I am so thankful for the powerful equipping I received from 10,000 Fathers! They are shaping worship and songwriting that is transforming some of the hardest places on Earth. Until every tribe, tongue and nation worships Him!