The Story Behind: Still Waters

This post is written by Stephanie Bayne:

Still waters, in a literal sense, are waters that flow slowly and serenely—an image that is beautifully depicted in Psalm 23:3, "He leads me besides still waters. He restores my soul."

There's just something about the soothing sounds and cooling sensation of a bubbling brook or a flowing stream that brings everything to focus. I have often found myself drawn to the 23rd Psalm, especially the 3rd verse and began to ask the Lord what it was he wanted me to know about his heart. What followed was not a glamorous unveiling of the mysteries of God's heart, but rather a journey of raw, honest prayers that for too long laid dormant inside of me. 

I am not great with openly expressing pain, fear, or anxiety, mainly because I sometimes believe the lie that I will just be a burden to others, especially when I am all too aware of the daily struggles we all face here on earth, but I realized that this was how I treated my relationship with the Lord-- I withheld things from my good shepherd, who longs to take my burdens and lead me to green pastures and quiet waters, which really meant that I doubted His sovereignty over my life! The world must be experienced as it really is, not in some pretended way and if we want to boldly, proclaim God’s sovereignty over everything, then everything must be brought to speech and addressed to God. The song, Still Waters, does just that.

I wanted to put my faith into practice, by writing a song that echoes the psalms of lament. This class of psalms is filled with cries of despair, anger, doubt and unashamedly featured more than any other type of psalm. The verses in Still Waters speak of the human experience, that weigh down the spirits of the righteous, leaving us weak and vulnerable; however, like the familiar format of a psalm of lament, our hearts are stirred with hope as we sing of God’s goodness in the chorus and bridge. 

The Lord longs to turn our sorrow into joy, if we would just allow Him to lead us to those places of rest. Everything we need is found in Him, so why do we hold back? 

I stand firm in the truth revealed to me in Still Waters and it has been my prayer that all who hear it will experience the same kind of security in the author of our faith. Have an honest, conversation with our perfect Father and He will renew your strength and restore your soul.