An Invitation to Help.

Every Thursday morning our team gathers for what we call “Morning Prayers.” We pray, worship, and then go into our normal weekly meeting. This past Thursday, however, we found ourselves in tears interceding for the Syrian refugee situation after seeing the heartbreaking picture of a three year old boy who drowned trying to flee his country. 

I have a peacemaker personality. One thing that I’m really great at is avoiding conflict. For example, I don’t watch the news, and I do this on purpose. Most of the time it’s bad news, and since I don’t want to hurt it’s easy to avoid it just by not turning it on. But this particular Thursday morning as my team, my family, was sitting in my living room crying out to God, I heard someone say, “Break our hearts, God. Let us feel what you feel for these people. We don’t want to be blind to this anymore.” And something in me stirred. At first I wanted to push it away, it’s easy for me to do that. 

But God pushed through that wall of fear and spoke directly to my heart. “Open up. I’m giving you what you asked for.” So I let the ache in. It still hasn’t stopped.

We prayed some more, and one thing we asked was that the surrounding countries would soften their hearts and let more people in. Later on that day, one of us found an article about Iceland accepting refugees. They had originally said they could take only 50, then 10,000 Icelanders decided to offer their homes for refugees to stay in as well. (read about it here.)

At that moment I felt like the Lord was saying, “I heard your cries. I’m working. Just wait.” (And how awesome that it was 10,000 homes? Just a fun little detail He decided to throw in there.) Now, we are hearing story after story of more and more countries welcoming the refugees. Praise Jesus! 10,000 Fathers will continue to intercede for this crisis, and we ask you to join us. Join us with intercession, but also, we’d love for you to join us to help monetarily.

In case you didn't know, all the proceeds of our latest album go toward scholarships to help students come through the worship school. For the next month, however, we've decided to give all the proceeds from our album, "Invitation :: Volume One," to World Vision which will help give food, water, shelter and more to the Syrian refugees.  

Already have an album? Hey, Christmas is coming up. Buy one for a friend. A family member. Buy 10 and then hand them out to those who you feel like needs one. Then tell them you bought it to help the refugees in Syria. Maybe they will listen to it, God will stir their heart, and they will do the same.