Ten Ways to be a Better Worship Leader — 10,000 Fathers Worship School

Elevate practices and rehearsals.Much like leading by example, part of your responsibility as a worship leader is to have songs, charts, and setlists organized in advanced. It’s a good practice to communicate with the band even before the first rehearsal to go over what you have in mind to ensure band-wide excitement.

Practice the songs, but rehearse the whole service. Make sure everyone knows when they are entering and exiting the stage, where they will be set up, the transitions, etc.

But also keep it social. You don’t want to be a drill sergeant. Make introductions for new members, or ones that might not be as familiar to everyone. Ask people how they’re doing, and keep up on what’s going on in their life. Being in a worship band should be a thrill, not a chore. The best way to keep it fun is to keep it social.

Be an Encourager.Does the band sound amazing? Tell them so! Are there parts that need improvement? Be encouraging about it!

Direction, correction, and critiques should always come with a heavy dose of grace and humility. Again, you want everyone to feel welcome, so be the first to celebrate the things that make the band great.

Pray with the band.Opening and ending each practice with prayer is the best way to keep God in all things that you do together. It is all too easy to think of worship as a performance, rather than a celebration of His love and perfection.
Take turns between each band member leading the group in prayer.