The Adventure Project

The word Adventure is defined as "an exciting or dangerous experience." Often we as the Church don't associate God with danger or adventure but rather with our own illusions of safety and control, which, if we're honest are all about self-preservation and comfort. 

We believe God has always been inviting His children into a wild adventure; an adventure that has no concern for the destination, yet with every high and low, unknown turn on the journey, we discover there is Good Father who is with us every step of the way. We want to invite you into this adventure as a community. 

A community of moms and dads, brothers and sisters, songwriters and creatives who have come together to express the heart of adventure we find in walking with one another and Jesus.

The excitement, the joy, the sadness, the tears, the healing, the discovery. 

These songs our humble expressions of our worship and what we believe to be another step in the adventure for the church and communities world wide.

Welcome to the adventure.

—10,000 Fathers Team

  1. Lion Of Judah - feat. Heath Williams & David Walker
  2. Our Refuge - feat. John Emery
  3. More Times Than Not - feat. Heath Williams
  4. Oh The Love of God - feat. Cameron Walker
  5. Captivating - feat. Micah Massey & David Walker
  6. I Found a Love – feat. Alison Turner
  7. God So Loved the World – feat. Andy Graham
  8. Song of Hallelujah – feat. Michael Johnston
  9. Only Hope – feat. Dane Joneshill
  10. Nowhere I Can Run – feat. Taylor Breen
  11. Jesus I Remember You – feat. Aaron Keyes
  12. Sing the Name of Jesus – feat. Janie Evans & Addi Panter
  13. Refuge – feat. Brett Stanfill
  14. River Wild – feat. Micah Massey
  15. Let Us Be Known – feat. Nate Moore
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