Seminaries have trained pastors for generations. Mission agencies prepare missionaries to go across cultures. Bible colleges equip youth pastors with tools for effective student ministry. Incredibly, most worship leaders have never been trained in these ways.

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Many senior leaders still feel insufficiently prepared for what they’re facing in their leadership and real-life contexts.

Due to the lack of in-depth, formational training, countless leaders all over the world live with a constant sense of inadequacy, insecurity, and ill-preparedness. They feel that they’ve been given a task without any tools, training, or tactics. Unsurprisingly, many burn out, give up, or stagnate in discouragement. Few flourish.

We’ve received scores of such anointed men and women who are selflessly leading their communities, churches, and parishes towards faithfully worshiping and following Jesus for the sake of the world–but have had little, if any, actual training, purposeful coaching, or spiritual mentoring.

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For nearly fifteen years, 10KFAM has been empowering leaders to become spiritual mothers and fathers who creatively shape the future of the church.

Developing leaders is good, but discipling them is critical. This is what we’re about, because this is what Jesus was about. And this is what changed the world. 

In 1 Corinthians 4, Paul said, “Even if you had 10,000 teachers, you do not have many fathers…” There are no shortage of teachers transferring information, leaders performing onstage. But what’s most needed is least offered: spiritual mothers and fathers, raising up kingdom families.

10kFAM at New Life Church in Colorado Springs is the preeminent training opportunity for worship leaders, songwriters, and pastors to come together for a season of purposeful investment, practical instruction, and profound life change.

10KFAM Team

The Keyes

Aaron and Megan Keyes are the delighted parents of four sons (Cooper, Judah, Nyle, and Linen). They live in Colorado Springs where Aaron serves as a Worship Pastor at New Life Church and Megan is pursuing her counseling degree. 

Since the early 2000s, Aaron and his band have traveled nationally and internationally, leading worship and training leaders. In 2008, the Keyes launched the worship school with four students coming to live in their basement and on their tour bus for six months of “real, gritty shared-life and on-the-job discipleship.” 

In 2011, the school expanded to the Intensive model of training and coaching that exists today in order to serve more students in various seasons of life and ministry. Since then, many worship leaders from around the world have come through their home, gone through their training, and become part of the broader family of 10,000 Fathers & Mothers.

Addi Panter


Caleb Panter

Director of Operations

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Lauren Comes

Social Media Specialist

10KFAM Coaches

All of our coaches have experienced the same life change through 10,000 Fathers & Mothers Worship School that we hope to see nurtured in our students. They are each remarkable worship pastors in their own contexts, as well as experienced coaches who know how to walk with leaders through the regular rigors of ministry leadership. These are faithful men and women who we have seen lovingly come alongside others to greatly fruitful effect. And lastly: all of our coaches hold post-graduate degrees.

Chuck Bosworth

Taylor Breen

Terry Foester

Andy Graham

Dane Joneshill

Aaron Keyes

Jess Leslie

Micah Massey

Duane Mixon

Addi Panter

Lauren Settembrini

Will Shinnick

Dan Tinquist

Aaron Williams

Heath Williams