Welcome to our Research Department. 

While this team is still in its infancy, we've had a blast so far getting to hear from so many different perspectives. There are authors and leaders we may adore, and others who may challenge us to the core—and we think that invaluable in being fully formed in our thinking, rather than safely & simply reinforcing what we already believe. We take what we do too seriously to persist in unasked questions & unquestioned assumptions.

Rather than simply denouncing viewpoints or authors who may see things differently than we're accustomed, we prefer to dig into what they're saying for dialogue and learning more about serving as leaders in Worship Ministry. We'll be looking into all sorts of subjects & genres, from history to biography, theology to sociology, from pastoring to poetry and loads of others.

And in case it needs to be said explicitly: No, we don't endorse every idea in every one of these books. Neither do we buy every thing on every shelf in every aisle of the grocery store. We find what we need and walk by the rest.

We'd encourage you to do the same.