Seminaries have been training pastors for generations.

Mission agencies prepare missionaries to go across cultures.

Bible colleges equip youth pastors with tools for effective student ministry.

And, incredibly, most worship leaders have never been trained in these ways.

As a result, many worship leaders all over the world live with a constant sense of inadequacy, insecurity, and ill-preparedness. They feel like they’ve been given a task without any tools, training, or tactics. Unsurprisingly, many burn out, give up, or stagnate in discouragement. Few flourish.

We know this because these are the leaders who find their way to us at 10,000 Fathers. Many are gifted leaders who only need a focused season of investment. We’ve received scores of anointed men and women who are leading their communities, churches, and parishes towards faithfully worshiping and following Jesus for the sake of the world--but have had little, if any, actual training, coaching, or mentoring.

We are asking God to raise up an army of men and women who are gifted to lead worship, equipped to do it with theological soundness, convicted to grow in both their character and competency, and committed to doing it all for the goal of making disciples.

Our Worship Schools are a means by which we can join God in His work. We desire to equip and empower leaders who can go back and change their communities' definition and experience of worship. And our belief is that through this, we can change the world for His kingdom's sake.

The Worship School is designed to be completed in three, six-month Tracks that each begin with an onsite Intensive, followed by six months of once-a-week online coaching that happens in Huddles (typically one coach with 3-6 students per Huddle). During the onsite Intensives, we spend five days together in an immersive experience where we focus on what we’ll be working through for the next six months via the online Huddle. Track 1 focuses primarily on character, Track 2 on growing in competence, and Track 3 brings it all together by giving practical discipleship training so students are fully equipped to begin discipling leaders in their own context.

In addition, our commitment to the well-rounded training and education of Worship Pastors has led to the formation of unique partnerships with both Visible Music College and Northern Seminary. Students’ time at 10,000 Fathers will count towards both Bachelor’s degree credits at Visible and Master’s level coursework at Northern Seminary. More information on these partnerships can be found here.

Ways to join our family: