Ableton for Everyone


Week 1

What am I looking at?
Class goals, Overview of user interface, icons, key commands, folder set up/preferences, Q & A

Week 2

Let’s get organized
set up a session, naming/assigning tracks, folder management, Q & A

Week 3

Inputs/outputs, interface & monitoring, make a beat, Q & A

Week 4

Prepping a set (for Sunday)
Importing stems, track labeling/levels/routing, working with time signatures, Q & A

Week 5

Working with audio
Editing stems (stretching, pitch & rearranging), midi controllers, Q & A

Week 6

Make the track work
Adding loops and layers to augment arrangements, Q & A

Week 7

What is a synthesizer and why do I need one?
Basic of synthesis and patch design, Q & A

Week 8

What is a synthesizer and why do I need one? pt. 2
A deeper dive into synthesis, layering, Q & A

Week 9

A little diddy
Work on a simple composition, Q & A

Week 10

A little diddy (cont’d)
Continue work on composition, Q & A

Week 11

A little diddy (wrap up)
Add effects and polish to your composition, Q & A

Week 12

It’s the final countdown!
Class project showcase/discussion, closing thoughts, Q & A